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Debbie Disney, MSW, LCSW-C


Debbie Disney LCSW-C’s decades of experience in public and private schools systems, and as a psychotherapist in private practice started the wheels turning. Recognizing the need for a program that was specifically designed to bring self-awareness, psychoeducation, practical and proven strategies and techniques to adults, teens and children who struggle with Attention Deficit and/or executive functions, Debbie sought team members who understood her vision. Collaborating with seasoned educators, learning specialists, school administrators, and innovators in technology, the foundation for SAJE was formed.

Debbie has an extensive background in experiential education working with children, teens, and adults creating and running a Leadership Training program for a summer day camp. Through Debbie’s years of thoughtful program development, many children have become successful leaders with confidence and self-esteem.

Combining her years of experiential programming in educational settings with her clinical social work background, Debbie has created a program that will support individuals in all areas of their lives.

Licensed Certified Social Worker- Clinical (LCSW-C)

Master of Social Work – University of Maryland
MA – Towson University

Lauren Disney, BS

Director of Admissions

Lauren is passionate about supporting children, adolescents and adults who struggle socially, emotionally, or academically. As SAJE’s Director of Admissions, Lauren’s degree in psychology and training in the field of the neurodivergent learner provides the insight to the challenges our SAJE Scholars face. Lauren is the first point of contact for SAJE inquiries. During the initial phone conversation, Lauren’s wealth of knowledge about neurodiversity, learning challenges, brain development, attention deficit disorder and executive functions often brings a sense of relief and hope to the individual who has faced a lifetime of challenges. As the Director of Admissions, Lauren is eager to answer questions, assist in the application and enrollment process, and coordinate series sessions between Scholars and their Learning Specialists.

Lauren is an ADHD/Executive Function Teacher Trainer. She is a graduate and licensed provider of the training workshop Managing ADHD, EF and Behavior in the Classroom, a professional development series created by Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP, PTS Coaching LLC.

Lauren graduated from Virginia Tech in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has also earned her EMT -B and EMT-A certifications. Lauren is a proud military wife, married to an awesome young man (who is the “J” in SAJE; their son is the “N” in SAJEN, our summer series.)

Kelli McClelland, MA​

Director Of Education, Outreach and Advocacy

Kelli describes herself as a creative problem solver. Kelli found that she thrives in positions where she can support individuals to learn skills that bring confidence and competence in all areas of their lives. Kelli’s close to twenty (20) years of experience in education, counseling and program development gives her a depth and wealth of knowledge in areas of social, emotional, mental and academic learning that has proven to be most beneficial to those under her guidance.

Kelli transitioned early in her career from providing direct and indirect services in mental health agencies to education and program development. As an educator, Kelli taught students from elementary to postsecondary schools. Kelli recognized the impact she could have on students when she was able to develop curriculum and lessons specific to each student’s learning style and learning challenges. Incorporating creative, out-of-the-box activities along with her engaging personality proved to be rewarding for the students and colleagues working with her. Kelli not only advocated for her students’ needs, but she also taught her students and their family members how to advocate for their own needs.

Shifting from education to program management, Kelli was recruited as the Program Manager to design a support program for the non-profit organization Truck Safety Coalition. Through perseverance, Kelli facilitated meetings for family members to share their stories with Congress members. She established a peer support network, established and maintained an outreach forum for family members to access resources, and she redesigned the organization’s website and social media programming. After five years in the position, Kelli realized she missed the relationships she developed with students and the impact she was able to have on students’ confidence, learning and life skills. Kelli is excited to come full circle as she joins SAJE as a Learning Specialist. The collaborative nature of SAJE, rooted in meaningful exchange between the Scholar and Learning Specialist, is a natural return into the realm of teaching and guiding individuals who learn differently.

Master of Arts in Applied Sociology – University Of Maryland Baltimore County

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology – Metropolitan State College of Denver Pronouns – She/Her

Learning Specialists

Grant King, MS

Grant hails from the small town of Benton, Arkansas, where his love for learning and exploration was nurtured by his family. His educational journey led him to the University of Arkansas, where he embarked on an exciting academic adventure. During this time, he had the incredible opportunities to study abroad, expanding his horizons and deepening his understanding of diverse cultures, peoples, and learners. He also embarked on a path of research, working as a Research Assistant at the Center for Research on Aggression and Victimization, honing his analytical skills, and developing a passion for data-driven insights to support scholars in schools. 

His pursuit of knowledge eventually brought him to his new home in Baltimore, where he pursued a Master of Science in Elementary and Special Education at Johns Hopkins University through the Urban Teachers program. This chapter marked a significant turning point in his career, equipping him with the tools and knowledge to make a meaningful impact in the field of education.  

For six years, Grant dedicated himself to serving the students of Baltimore City Public Schools as a dedicated special educator and elementary school teacher. It was here that he developed a reputation as a highly effective educator, committed to the academic and socio-emotional development of his students. Grant loved empowering students to take charge of their brain’s development, and equipping students with strategies, such as mindfulness techniques and sentence stems for addressing conflict, to help them navigate difficult social and emotional situations. 

Grant is thrilled to embark on a new chapter with SAJE as a Learning Specialist. His passion for empowering individuals who learn differently perfectly aligns with SAJE’s mission. He’s excited to continue supporting scholars’ unique learning processes and contributing to their social, emotional, and academic growth. 

Master of Science in Education – Johns Hopkins School of Education 

Bachelor of Arts Psychology and Sociology – University of Arkansas 

Certificate – Education Policy  

Maryland Educator Certificate – Special Education; Early Childhood Education 

Pronouns – He/Him 





As a Learning Specialist with SAJE, Cindy incorporates her knowledge of the complexities ADHD, Autism and Executive Functions can cause in the social, emotional, academic, or professional tangent of an individual’s life. Her ability to develop creative strategies for Scholars to embrace their learning strengths while scaffolding their challenge areas helps Scholars thrive and unlock hidden potential.

Master of Science, Technology for Educators – Johns Hopkins University

Bachelor of Elementary Education – Pennsylvania State University

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